Heathrow has made it into a list of the top 10 world airports compiled from views of nearly 13 million passengers globally.

The west London airport, which is opening a new £2.3 billion Terminal 2 in June, came 10th in a table compiled by UK-based airline and airport review organisation Skytrax.

A total of 12.85 million airport customers across 110 countries had to decide which of 410 airports would make the final list.

Skytrax said: "Heathrow has its very own art gallery as well as designer shopping facilities to keep passengers busy."

Top airport was Changi in Singapore, with Skytrax saying: "With features like a swimming pool, jacuzzi and butterfly garden, it's no wonder it came out on top."

Second was Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea, with Munich third and Hong Kong fourth.

This was the top 10:

1. Singapore

2. Seoul

3. Munich

4. Hong Kong

5. Amsterdam

6. Tokyo (Haneda)

7. Beijing

8. Zurich

9. Vancouver

10. Heathrow