"Like most women, I've got wobbly bits I don't feel confident about, but I am not about to start pointing arrows at them" - Tess Daly, of Strictly Come Dancing fame.

"Of course we are not going to call it Rocknroll. I'm a f****** grown-up" - Actress Kate Winslet, who is married to a man called Rocknroll, discussing their new baby son.

"I am innately lazy. I have always loathed the gym and I hate dieting, so, over the years I just allowed myself to become frumpier, grumpier and lumpier" - Former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton, who has now eliminated wheat from her diet.

"I was mortified, but I don't do self-pity" - Nigella Lawson on her experience as a witness in court.

"The Queen appears to play a key role in promoting arms exports to repressive regimes" - Historian Mark Curtis on the much-criticised edition of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

"You still had to travel in a horrible democracy of erratic time-keeping and foul air" - Design guru Stephen Bayley on first-class rail travel which some fear could be on the way out.

"I hate politicians saying they have to regain trust - they never had it" - Pollster Sir Robert Worcester, founder of Mori.

"I rarely use my title, but I confess there are times when it comes in handy when, for example, for a special occasion, I phone up to book a table at a posh restaurant." - Broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray.

"I still light up a stogie whenever my sons kindly bring the old geezer one. Even as we speak Turkish doxies of unimaginable beauty are rolling my baccy between their golden thighs" - Sir Terry Wogan on fears that cigar-smoking may be dying out in Britain.

"History tells us that nations that create vastly expensive armed forces sooner or later feel an itch to use them" - Military historian and former Fleet Street editor Sir Max Hastings warning that some local turf dispute could expand into a great power collision.