GUNFLEET Sailing Club members enjoyed two days' of racing over the Easter Bank Holiday.

Sunday’s race saw the third in the Spring Series get underway with the individual recall flag being hoisted at the start, due to Alex Corbett and Henry Spooner being well over the line in their 405.

Unfortunately, a number of other competitors, that were very close, wrongly assumed it must be them and also returned to re-cross the start line.

This immediately put them at a disadvantage.

Ken Potts, in his Laser, was among this group and found himself at the back of the fleet.

With a fresh and variable offshore wind, it was quite a tricky first leg down the coast to the St Michael’s buoy, varying from a fetch to being close hauled.

First round the mark were Jack and Elliot Berry in their Fireball, closely followed by their father, Paul, in a Laser.

The Fireball then hoisted its spinnaker on the broad reach back to the Eastcliff buoy, giving them a bit of a lift.

This leg saw the Laser fleet all closely bunched together and, as they then headed out to the Seaward mark, it really was anyone’s race.

Slightly further back it was Beth Elliott and Maddie Corbett that led the 405s, although Tom and Ed Philpot worked hard to try and get level with them.

Alex Corbett and Spooner capsized at the Seaward buoy, while Paul Berry retired due to gear failure.

Potts, meanwhile, had not only caught up his Laser colleagues but he managed to plough through them all, less than halfway round the first lap.

Just prior to the end of this lap it was the turn of Elliott and Maddie Corbett to capsize but the girls were quick to right their 405 and get back in the thick of it. On the second lap it was Paul Stanton, then laying in second place, who was forced to retire when he suffered with gear breakage, allowing Robert Gutteridge to claim this spot, but never a real threat to Potts.

Results: Spring Series - race three: 1 Laser – Ken Potts, 2 Laser – Robert Gutteridge, 3 Laser – Harry Swinbourne.

On Bank Holiday Monday afternoon, the Gunfleet sailors took to the water for the Hertford County Shield race.

After a very safe start, it was the Laser fleet that led the beat up the coast to the Kingscliff buoy.

Unfortunately for Eddie White, he then took the wrong course in his Laser and headed out to sea, while everyone else ran back to the AWS mark.

White was therefore disqualified.

It was at this stage that the Philpot brothers hoisted the asymmetric kite on their 405 and tacked downwind while the other competitors just ran straight to the mark.

Derroll Pedder kept a comfortable distance ahead of Sonny Hart, both sailing Solutions, but neither managed to make much impression on the Lasers that once again took the top three places, also giving a second victory of the weekend to Potts.

Results: Hertford County Shield: 1 Laser – Ken Potts, 2 Laser – John Tappenden, 3 Laser – Harry Swinbourne.