IT’S all turned out alright in the end!

On Friday morning, I woke up in a terrible state. I felt horrendous and just couldn’t believe it.

I had to withdraw from my fight that weekend as I was too ill to do anything.

All over the weekend I felt terrible and the worst thing was seeing the reports online of everyone else fighting at the show, almost like it’s being rubbed in your face.

I felt like that all weekend, really.

I woke up on Saturday thinking of all the things I should be doing but wasn’t.

At around midday, I was thinking I’d be on my way to the weigh-in now so everything that day made me feel worse, especially when it got to around 7pm when I thought I should be fighting right now.

But, luckily, it couldn’t have worked out any better, in the end.

I’m now fighting on a local Essex show on April 1 instead, so I’m actually quite happy after all.

My manager, Steve Goodwin, jumped straight on it for me, despite the disappointment he must have felt in my last-minute withdrawal.

I was really happy with how quick he responded for me.

Today, the sun’s shining, I’m on my way to the gym shortly and next fighting in just three week’s time, so I really couldn’t be happier.

Every single person that was coming to the last show is now coming to the new one.

I’m really pleased that everyone has agreed to just swap the tickets over.

It means I don’t have to run around organising refunds and trying to sell more tickets – what a relief!

People say things happen for a reason and, on this occasion, I actually think that’s right!

My next fight will now be at Skylark Hotel in Southend on April 1 which is meant to be a really nice venue.

It’s not the famous York Hall but it’s local and I’m really looking forward to it!

My opponent will be different to Richard Harrison who I was previously due to face.

My team are looking for another at the moment, but I’m not fussed who it is – I’ll fight anyone.

My team-mate Kyle McCarthy won every round on his debut last weekend so I was really pleased for him because he’s a nice bloke so I’m glad he done well.

He got a good points win to kick off his pro career so he’s happy.

For tickets to the next show contact Team Church on 07938 878962.

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