VOLUNTEERS are lining up to offer to be keyholders for Canvey’s flood pumps.

At a meeting this week, Castle Point councillors heard there were ten residents who had relevant experience and were willing to become a designated keyholder for the Environment Agency’s pumps.

During the scrutiny committee meeting, councillors claimed the Environment Agency had to call in someone who was off the island.

Peter May, Canvey Independent Party councillor for Canvey central, said: “One of Essex County Council’s main contractors, Ringway Jacobs, has got three to four employees who used to work on these pumps years ago, who are willing to be keyholders.

“They are saying if they are given up-to-date training they are willing to be key-holders.” Other councillors mentioned other residents who had also volunteered.

Councillor Nick Harvey, Canvey Independent councillor for Canvey North, also called for back-up generators to be installed at each of the pumps, to kick in, during any power cuts.