THE chief executive of a community healthcare service has been handed an honorary professorship.

John Niland, chief executive of Provide, which has services at Maldon’s St Peter’s Hospital and Braintree Community Hospital, is working with the Essex Business School at the Essex University.

The organisation has worked with the university on a number of projects over the years and John’s honorary professorship is for one year.

John said: “I am delighted to have been awarded an Honorary Professorship from the University of Essex.

“Provide has worked with the University on various projects over the years and it has been very interesting and thought-provoking. We have lots of exciting opportunities to work on in the months ahead.

“Whilst I have been awarded the honorary professorship, it belongs to the organisation.

“It demonstrates the successful partnership that Provide and Essex University have created by working on innovative projects, which a number of Provide staff have been involved in.”

Dr Martin Harris, a Senior Lecturer at Essex Business School, added: “As honorary professor, John plays a vital role in helping Essex Business School to better understand the challenges and opportunities within healthcare management, so we can further our research into health and social care innovation.

“Together, we’ll share knowledge and expertise in order to develop new forms of advocacy, strategic communications and outreach to practitioner and policy audiences to improve integration across the sector'.

“We look forward to all we will achieve together and wish Professor Niland a warm welcome to our school.”