A FEW weeks ago, Peter Halliday wrote on the subject of problems at the surgery.

I agree they are fundamentally caused by poor administration and I expressed my concerns about warring behaviour which is very unhelpful.

I thought at the time, that he was a voice worth listening to.

Mr Halliday’s second letter, printed on September 8, does not require our forgiveness despite his comment at the start.

It is once again so pertinent that I am surely not alone in thinking something wonderful could happen here.

Halstead has become a distressed community with genuine fears that arise as a result of feeling we are not supported by our healthcare system.

Because of something to do with our post codes, most of us cannot change surgeries.

Nothing is more frightening, in a way, than the belief that we cannot get seen if we are ill or, worse, if our loved ones are ill. But I assume nobody wants to fight.

A member of my family was sent away with obvious symptoms of mumps which were described by a GP as: “an infection of some kind.”

They had to go to Colchester Hospital to get this classic viral illness diagnosed and, of course, confirm our suspicion that antibiotics prescribed locally were a bad idea.

I ended up thinking the whole muddle must have been caused by too much haste and rushed consultations.

However, I do think things are better in the hands of the new practice manager.

After my recent heads-up that the administration line did not appear to be manned, the issue was fixed quickly and fairly.

However, if the powers that be do not take Mr Halliday up on his brilliant offer, in my view, they probably want their heads examined.

Lisette Skeet

Firwoods Road