THE SISTER of a boy who died from a brain tumour is organising a music festival in his memory.

Abbie Tosh was taking her A Levels at Hedingham School when her brother Arran, 13, was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

He died in 2014 and Abbie, now 21, is organising an event she knows the talented musician would have loved. Money raised will go to the Smile of Arran charity.

Abbie said: “Music was Arran’s passion, there is no better way to celebrate his life.

“I was sitting my exams at the time and my brother told my mum not to tell me. It was difficult but my family and friends were amazing.”

Abbie is studying Paediatric Nursing in Glasgow after her brother convinced her to carry on her education.

She said: “One of the last things he said was that I had to go off and study so that’s what I did.

“During his operation I was sitting my first exam and I didn’t want to be at school. I wanted to be at the hos- pital and exams became irrelevant.”

She, Arran and their other sister Chloe, 23, did lots together.

Abbie said: “We would always be at Arran’s shows and this festival is an opportunity to make him proud.”

She said the support for the Smile of Arran charity has been incredible.

She is taking a year out of university to get more involved in the charity and organise the festival which Yeldham Primary, Arran’s old school, has designed the logo for.

Abbie and her partner James Price will hold the Smile Festival on July 22, at the Wardale Williams Stadium in Sudbury.

Tickets are now on sale.

For more information follow @ smilefestuk on Facebook. To buy tickets visit