PLANS to increase the height of part of a controversial waste plant will make it even more of an eyesore, it is feared.

Tamar Energy, on Bluebridge Industrial Estate, has made a pre-application enquiry to Essex County Council in the hope of heightening its ventilation stack.

Those living near Tamar Energy’s anaerobic digestion plant have complained of smells since testing began in July 2014, leading to an investigation by the Environment Agency after 300 complaints.

Brenda Lake, who lives off Halstead Road, said: “The thing is, how much more will they inflict on us? In all fairness, it has not been as bad recently but I am against any further work.

“I highly doubt it will rectify any of the issues, and it is likely to cause more disruption for us.”

Halstead Town Council called a special planning meeting on Monday night to discuss the site.

In a statement, the council said: “Halstead Town Council considers that an increase in the height of the ventilation stack would make it an eyesore.

“A number of measures have already been tried to deal with the odour released, so far unsuccess - fully. We would request that Essex County Council consults the Environment Agency.

“We have strong reservations as to whether increasing the height of the stack will solve the odour problem. There are also concerns about light pollution as the site is constantly lit overnight.”

Stuart Bennett, Tamar plant manager, said: “We have not submitted a new planning application, and haven’t yet decided if we’ll do so.

We would only do this once we were confident such any measure requiring a change to our existing planning permit would bring positive benefits, and wouldn’t have an adverse effect locally.”