NOBODY with a criminal record will be given the post of deputy police and crime commissioner for Essex.

Police and crime commissioners were prevented from standing for election if they had a criminal record but Policing Minister Damian Green refused to impose the same standards on deputies, a decision criticised by Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell.

Following the criticism Essex PCC Nick Alston has chosen to offically rule out anyone with a criminal record.

Mr Alston has not yet decided who will fill the role in Essex, which is proving controversial in other counties with several commissioners criticised for “jobs for the boys” appointments.

Mr Alston said: “I have decided that I will be appointing a deputy PCC to join my team, and that the appointment process will be open and competitive.

“The deputy PCC, when appointed, will have a crucial role in supporting me

“No-one standing for election as a PCC may have a criminal record, and I have decided that this should also be the case for the deputy.”