DRIVERS in Essex managed to avoid serious injuries in difficult conditions overnight.

Ambulance crews were called out to 11 crashes in the east of England and two in Essex, far less than had been expected with snow and ice on many of the roads in the region.

However there were still a number of incidents of cars skidding off the roads and drivers losing control.

A spokesman for Essex Police said while it was good to have so few injuries some drivers were still not taking enough care.

The spokesman said: "We have had a number of cars sliding off the road in the conditions but fortunately they have not injured themselves."

Police have reminded motorists to prepare their vehicles for the conditions, leave extra gaps and take extra care.

Chief Insp Justin Smith said: "Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad this week but the advice is still to make sure your vehicle is winter ready, give it a once over check and that you have plenty of fuel.


"Remember that the roads can be very icy and you need to drive cautiously, reducing your speed and allowing extra time to break.”

60 gritting lorries have been out on the roads and will be out again today.

Derrick Louis, cabinet member for highways and transportation at Essex County Council, said: "“Our gritters have been doing a great job over the past few days, making sure our road network is kept moving."


For more safety advice see the police safety leaflet at