A great-grandmother has been reunited with two women who went beyond the call of duty to save her life.

June Cuthbert, 82, was at ironing at her home in The Mulberries when she tripped over her walker and suffered a heart attack.

Zoe Grist and Sarah Aldridge, who work for Carecall rushed to her flat and gave life saving CPR until ambulance crews arrived.

Last month Mrs Cuthbert, who has five grand children and 11 great grandchildren, had the opportunity to thank them in person when they visited her in hospital.

Mrs Cuthbert, who worked as an Essex County Council homehelp for 24 years said: “I really do owe my life to them both.

“I believe they had only learned how to do CPR a couple of weeks before I had my fall.

“It is a good job they did or I would not be here now.”

Carecall, a service provided by the NHS, supplies alarms and devices to vulnerable people in the event they have a fall.

However staff do not usually attend patients themselves.

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