Is this Halstead's oldest cat?

At 21 - or more than 90 in cat years - Mavis is showing no sign of giving up just yet.

Owner Neil Yeo, 48, took her in after finding her at the RSPCA Danaher Animal Home in Wethersfield in 1993.

Mr Yeo, of Shellcroft in Colne Engaine, described her as a "model cat.”

"She has been such a lovely cat. She's become part of me,” he said.

Mavis lives with his two other cats, Dylan and Sue, who look out for her.

Mr Yeo said she is the oldest cat currently being treated at Millennium Veterinary Practice in Braintree.

Mavis suffers from thyroid problems and diabetes, requiring injections and medication.

Mr Yeo said: "She's got her problems like we all get as we get older."

But as far as personalities go, Mavis has not got a spiteful claw on her.

"She's so sweet and caring," said Mr Yeo.

"She's friendly with just about anyone. Having her around has been an absolute pleasure."

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