PLANS to extend Halstead’s land boundary to include a new housing development could help the town protect its green spaces.

A consultation has been launched looking into drawing a new line around the 292 home development in Oak Road, which currently falls just outside the line.

Those moving into the homes are expected to use the town’s schools, doctors and other facilities but without any extra money for the town in council tax.

If the boundary is changed then Halstead Town Council would expect to receive the more than £12,000 in that part of council tax contributions from the homeowners.

The change could also help the town defend itself against future developers.

If the Oak Road development is classed as Halstead then the council can more easily argue the town has taken its fair share of new builds.

If it remains outside the townjava may see more developments on top of the pressure on services the Oak Road development will bring.

The town council stated they want the boundary to expand to encompass the development, while Greenstead Green and Halstead Rural submitted in writing that they would be happy for Halstead to take ownership.

Halstead town councillor Jackie Pell, said: “I think at the end of the day it is a logical decision.

“Halstead want to take ownership, and Greenstead Green do not, and both council’s have submitted that in writing, so there shouldn’t be much debate.

“Anyone living in Oak Road will be using Halstead facilities, but if the boundary is not changed, the town will see no benefit, “Obviously there will be the monetary benefits, which will allow us to put more back into Halstead.

“But there is also the benefit to our infrastructure both now and in the future.

“We will be able to stand there and say, this is a large development within Halstead, and we are taking our fare share of developments. In the long run, it will be a definite benefit to Halstead.”

The consultation will run until the end of the month.