A BED-RIDDEN woman who has suffered two years of chronic pain and has been told the NHS can help no more is appealing for help in her quest for a pain free life.

Dawn Hall, 52, beat breast cancer in 2004, and has been coping with Crohn’s disease and an overactive thyroid since 2011.

But in 2015 she began to feel frequent pain behind her eyes, in her face and mouth.

By last Christmas the pain had spread across her back and lower arms.

Despite countless x-rays, MRA scans, hospital trips, and teeth extractions, Dawn has been told there is little more the NHS can do for her, and her last option is a neuromuscular dentist.

Her husband, Nick, said: “We are coming up to two years of this, and she is at breaking point mentally.

“She has no quality of life and can’t eat sometimes for days due to the pain,she is virtually bedridden now.

“After endless research online and visits to NHS dentists, we have come to the conclusion that her missing teeth and previous bad fitting denture plate has caused such a bad bite for so long now that the jaw is under intense strain which has damaged her facial nerves and neck muscles, causing chronic pain,and drastic weight loss, which the NHS can’t help us with anymore.”

Trips to Broomfield Hospital and Colchester General Hospital by ambulance only resulted in morphine and suggestions to visit their GP.

But with private prices sky high, Dawn is hoping for help from her fellow residents.

Dawn said: “I have lost lots of weight because I cannot eat properly, I am pretty much housebound apart from when I got to the hospital. I live with this everyday, most days I just stay in bed due to the pain. I cannot move from the pain, I can’t touch my own face without being in pain.”

The pair have been told initial consultations will cost several hundred pounds, and to have a brace fitted could cost more than £800.

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