A HUSBAND and wife are determined to halve the number of burglaries in the town by educating people on how to secure their homes.

Lee and Tracy Bacon, from Halstead, work for NCF Ironmongery, which has recently opened an office in Broton Drive.

The couple, who live off Cherry Tree Close, are now offering a free consultation service to residents, giving advice on how to lock their doors and windows properly.

Mr Bacon, 42, who is a firefighter at Halstead Fire Station, said more education was needed on how to secure property.

He said: "A lot of the burglaries are opportunistic and they are quite easy to stop.

"I reckon we could halve the number of break-ins as most of them happen as front doors are not locked properly.

"It comes down to awareness and education, the days of just nipping out and leaving the front door open are over."

He said the free service was started after reading about a recent surge in burglaries in the area.

He said: "A lot more burglaries are being recorded now but police are in a very difficult position themselves.

"It's just the times we are in and hopefully they will change, but we have all got to stick together and it comes down to the local community and making people aware."

To find out more visit www.ncfironmongery.co.uk or call 01787 274611.