THE Halstead Flower Club’s reaction to the “bolt out of the blue” news that the Queens Hall would not be available for their annual show is entirely understandable.

Whenever the subject of the town council’s new home (temporary or permanent) has been discussed at meetings the council has excluded the press and public.

Only vague minutes have been recorded.

So the chances of the flower club getting to know directly, through the press or just word-of-mouth were small.

The same secrecy is used by the town council for other important issues such as the community building and even the public lavatories.

Indeed, the press and public are usually kicked out when any important issue is debated.

While the town council may need to exclude the press and public for, say, contract negotiating details it surely does not have to eject them for everything that is said?

It makes the council appear furtive and instinctively secretive.

Most of the time the secrecy is unnecessary, unfair to the public and, perhaps, just a bit childish.

With more openness the town council could have avoided this unhappy situation with the flower club.

R G Richmond

Monklands Court