I APPLAUD the efforts of the team at the empire for bringing back the cinema to Halstead, so this is not meant to be a criticism.

However, I feel they are missing a trick.

They are trying to compete with the multi-screen cinemas by showing new-ish films, but I suspect film fans have already seen these films.

I think they should celebrate the fact that the building itself is old, and appeal to people’s nostalgia, and show old classics, such as Hitchcock films, and even have an usherette to serve ice creams, or sell retro sweets which anyone can buy online.

I think if they showed a family film, such as a Disney classic, on a Saturday morning this would be a winner!

Maybe they could have a theme, so that every Friday is horror night, or a film from a particular decade.

They have asked several times for feedback and suggestions via their Facebook page, but I don’t feel they are listening, and I worry interest will dry up, which would be sad.

Suzanne Jamieson

Parker Way