A MUM says she feels lucky to be alive after being attacked by a herd of cows while out walking her dog.

Carol Green, 52, of Goodchild Way, Great Yeldham, was out in the fields with her pet Skye near her home when she was set upon by a large group of cows.

The largest, who was leading the herd, attacked her, butted her to the ground and continuously kicked her.

Ms Green, a mum of three, said: “It has been really traumatic and frightening.

“I thought I was going to die: that’s how bad it was.

“It is a very large field and we made sure we walked a good distance away from them as to not disturb them.

“They were quite a good way away, however I kept checking and making sure they were in the distance.

“They gradually started coming towards us.

“They closed in and were following a very large one at the front. All of a sudden it just went for me.

“I tried not to panic and not to run away because that is the worst thing you can do.”

Ms Green says she has been in shock since the event, on Friday, April 28, which has left her suffering from nightmares and flashbacks.

She said: “Eventually this cow stopped and it walked away, leaving me in a traumatised state with blood running down from my head.

“I had to leave Skye in there. I felt like I was about to pass out and I needed to find any help I could.

“I was shouting for help as I was in shock and pain. I ran into a chap who was fishing. He had heard the screams and shouts for help but he had thought it was kids messing about.”

The gentleman took her home and Ms Green was then taken to Broomfield Hospital by paramedics for further care. She was treated for severe bruising on her legs and neck and had to have her ear glued back into place after being kicked there.

Ms Green said: “I am still in pain from my injuries but it is the mental side of things are the worse.

“I have suffered from panic attacks since. I even think Skye has been traumatised by it.

“I can still hear the noises and the sounds of its feet and breathing.

“I feel I am lucky to be alive.”

After her “horrifying” ordeal, Ms Green wants to warn others about the potential dangers of walking through livestock fields.

She said: “I am a country person and cows have never fazed me before.

“There are signs saying be aware your dog can frighten the cows and to keep them on a lead, which is what I did.

“I followed the country code which is what you should do.

“I dread to think what could have happened if it were kids that were targeted.

“These animals can definitely kill people.”