A “friendly” tearoom has been hailed a “hidden gem” by High Street shoppers.

Quinteassential in Halstead High Street has proven to be a favourite for those seeking out the best places for lunch.

Reporter Katherine Palmer is helping Braintree Council find out what residents love about the district.

She said: “Quinteassential is a classic and is definitely somewhere anyone visiting Halstead should try out.

“Everyone I have spoken to about the tearoom has lovely words to say about the staff, there is such a friendly atmosphere.

“The smiles are infectious and the food is to die for — they even cater for vegans and have gluten free options.

“The tea room as an independent business has done considerably well in the light of bigger names such as Subway moving into the town.

“It just goes to show how smaller, quirkier businesses can still stand strong and offer something special.”

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