A HEADTEACHER has written to Braintree’s MP to urge him to support concerns over “significant” school funding issues.

David Conway, headteacher at Notley High, has written to James Cleverly amid worry about the current and future funding of schools across the UK.

Heateachers at schools in Essex, West Sussex, East Sussex and Cornwall have written a joint letter warning budgets are at “breaking point”.

The new National Funding Formula could result in some schools facing a funding cut.

In the letter Mr Conway said: “In spite of a detailed and factual campaign — over a sustained period of time — we are no closer to being provided with any meaningful proposals or solutions to our current and future school funding crisis.

Decisions being made by headteachers are no longer being driven solely by what is best for students and their families.

“The key feature of our strategic work is frequently underscored by a sense of “damage limitation”.

“To make matters worse, we are also confronted by a chronic shortage of teachers in virtually every subject area.”

The letter added headteachers recognised schools must work within reasonable means during challenging financial times.

Mr Conway’s letter added: “Difficult financial circumstances should not, however, be used as an excuse to short change our most important stakeholders — the children in our schools.

“It is also vitally important to be transparent with parents and families and make it clear just how bad matters are.”

The letter suggests it is “irresponsible” for government to suggest schools need to find further efficiencies.

Mr Cleverly was unavailable for comment.