A NURSERY has been praised by schools inspector Ofsted for its inspirational teaching.

Privately-owned Castle Nursery, based in De Vere Primary School, Castle Hedingham, received a rating of outstanding in every area during an inspection last month.

In a report published yesterday, the nursery ( pictured right ) was praised for its leadership and learning environment.

Inspector Jemma Hudson said: “All staff have an uncompromising commitment towards improvement and enthusiastically reflect on, and evaluate, all aspects of provision.

“Staff use their knowledge of each child to plan extremely imaginative activities which thoroughly engage all groups of children and promote all aspects of learning.

“Children’s social and emotional development are given the highest priority. They consistently value their efforts and contributions.

“All children behave exceptionally well and demonstrate high levels of cooperation with others.”

The nursery is jointly owned and run by Diana Dadd and Marelize Wright, who took over in July 2012 before achieving a good rating six months later.

The pair have praised staff and thanked parents who queued up to speak to the Ofsted inspector.

Ms Dadd said: “I started working at the nursery my own children went to. I was a nurse and I took a break thinking I would go back but I ended up at St Peter’s Nursery in Sible Hedingham.

“The owner asked me to manage this one which she owned as well and I took it on with Marelize.

“I think we are always aiming for outstanding. We have a strong team and all work very hard and have a good relationship with our parents.

“We were delighted this when we got our verbal feedback, we are very lucky to have our strong team, they go above and beyond what we ask.

“The parents have been fantastic and I would really like to say thank you to them.”