A PRIMARY school will change its name due to a decline in the number of students.

The governing board of Stanley Drapkin Primary School, in Steeple Bumpstead, has agreed to change the name of the school to Steeple Bumpstead Primary School with effect from September 2017.

The uniform with the ram's head will stay the same, with the name of the school around the outside to change. There will be no deadline for pupils to change this.

A letter from Chris Cadman, chairman of the Board of Governors, said: "Our village school, like many others in rural areas, is starting to struggle with the numbers attending and decreasing over past years, a trend that is set to continue according to the forecasts received.

"All schools now have to market their school through various forms of advertising and we are no different, this being the main reason for the name change.

"Whilst our current name has considerable significance in the village, this is certainly not the case in the communities outside our village.

"The name change will give the school the opportunity to market the school more effectively throughout our locality with the knowledge that parents will know of the schools location."