HEDINGHAM school has been named in the top 20 percent of schools in the country for student process at GCSE level.

Rankings released by the Department for Education yesterday are the first to use the government's new Attainment 8 and Progress 8 systems, which aim to show the development students have made since leaving primary school.

Attainment 8 is worked out by turning GCSE grades into numbers with an A* worth eight points and a G grade being worth one.

Each subject is given a weighting with English and Mathematics worth double points, together with the three best grades a pupil has achieved in sciences, languages, geography or history, and then the three best grades in other approved academic or vocational subjects in the curriculum

The point are then divided by 10 to create the Attainment 8 score.

Progress 8 compares predicted grades of pupils based on other students of similar ability when leaving primary school and the difference between that number and their actual Attainment 8 score.

Pupils at the Hedingham School managed managed a score of 0.3, meaning on average each pupil achieved an extra 0.3 of a grade per subject.

The school also achieved an average Attainment 8 score of 53.2 and 70% of pupils received an A* to C in English and Maths.

In their A Level results students achieved an average points score of 24.80 with 7.5 percent of students achieving AAB or better.

Headteacher John Panayi said: "The overall Progress 8 of 0.31 is significantly better than the national average.

"This places Hedingham students in the top 20 percent of schools nationally.

"The Progress 8 score of students in each of English, Maths and Science was significantly above the national average.

"These results are outstanding and I want to congratulate all of our students for the progress they have made and thank all staff for their excellent work in driving them to exceed their targets, on average, by a third of a grade in all subjects.

"These outcomes are very well deserved and are a result of hard work and commitment by all students and staff."

Ramsey Academy pupils achieved slightly less than they were predicted to, achieving a Progress 8 score of -0.07.

However the school achieved an Attainment 8 score of 47.2 and had the 61 percent pass rate at A* to C in English and Maths is a big increase from previous years.

Headteacher Rob James said: "We were delighted with the increase in the number of students who achieved A* - C grades in both English and Maths, an increase of 13% from the previous year to 61%.

"Particularly pleasing were the continued improvement in the Science results which showed student progress was significantly above national average.

"The new Progress 8 measure ensures as a school we focus on the progress of all students in a wide range of subjects.

"The Progress 8 score indicates we continue to provide a good education and the vast majority of students make similar progress in a range of subjects when compared to other students nationally. "

Gosfield Sixth Form achieved an average points score of 24.95 with an impressive 12.5% of pupils receiving grades AAB or better.

The school did not receive a Progress 8 score at GCSE level.