Police are urging anyone with information about drug taking or dealing to come forward after four people were found in possession of cannabis.

The statement from Essex Police also confirmed they were not aware of any issues on a piece of land behind houses on Conies Road, Halstead, despite some residents claiming it is used by drug-takers.

A police spokesman said: “Police have not been made aware of any particular issues with drug taking or related behaviour at this location. “In the past month there have been four people found in possession of cannabis in Halstead.

“One person was issued with a final warning and three were arrested.

“None of these cases were in this vicinity but if anyone has information about drug taking or drug dealing we would urge them to contact us on 101 and we will look into it.”

Other residents in Conies Road have defended the area, saying the field is a popular spot for dog-walkers and children playing football.

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