Were you interviewed for The Essex Sound and Video Archive or know someone who was?

The team spoke to people from towns and villages including Coggeshall, Kelvedon and Dummow, and needs permission from them or their families to digitally copy the interviews and share them more widely.

It hopes to apply for a Heritage Lottery Fund to develop the You Are Hear: Sound and a Sense of Place project.

Local names include:

Coggeshall - George Alfred Ernest (Sam) Birkin, Douglas Arthur Blackwell, Geoffrey Blackwell, Bill and Daphne Carter, Flora Cowlin, Jack Drane, Vera Fenton, George Humphries, Cecil Potter, Alf Reynolds, Anthony George Saunders, Janet Saunders.

Kelvedon - Peggy Blackwell, Len Jones, Fred Joyce, Graham and Joyce Murdy, Reg Pye, William Squirrell and Albie Wilkes.

The full list of people interviewed is online at essexrecordofficeblog.co.uk/you-are-hear.