A woman has been left distraught after her cat was run over and left for dead on the side of a road.

Donna Tuck, 41, of Stanley Road, had owned her ten-year-old car Sadie since the cat was born as the runt of the litter and had saved her after the kitten was initially rejected be her mother.

The sales manager said: "Her mother died when she was 4 weeks old, so with the help of an older cat I "taught" her how to use the litter tray and weaned her. She was quite a nervous cat, and rarely went near people other than me, my husband and my niece."

However, last Tuesday evening Sadie was run over and left on the dirt track that runs alongside The Empire Theatre and along the back of the houses on Stanley Road and Beridge Road, where Mrs Tuck's niece and nephew found her.



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