A newly opened pub has been awarded for the quality of the Guinness it serves.

The King’s Head, Pebmarsh, re-opened under Joe and Lynne Burlo in January this year after being shut for five years.

The couple have seen the pub go from strength to strength, due, they believe, to a winning combination of good food, beer and atmosphere.

Mr Burlo said: “We have food that is cooked fresh on site every day, not just heated up, and Lynne manages the cellar and keeps a variety of real ales and beers available.

“We also have a very welcoming atmosphere. A lady has told me that this is the only pub she feels safe walking into by herself.”

The pub has now been awarded a plaque for the quality of its Guinness, after an inspection by the brewery.

The Guinness Quality Approved plaque has been awarded to 9,000 pubs in the UK in the last twelve months and only 250 in Essex.