MURDER detectives are seeking a man wearing a brown-coloured jacked seen on the Salary Brook Trail in the minutes before Nahid Al-Manea was brutally murdered.

The man was spotted between 10.20am and 10.40am on Tuesday by a passer-by.

Nahid was found at 10.39am.

The mystery man was walking from the direction of Essex University towards Greenstead.

He is described as being aged in his late teens to 30.

He had very black, thick hair which was quite short and a two to three inch mop style on top.

He was clean shaven, of average build, tanned appearance and was not wearing glasses.

The man was wearing baggy trousers, which may have been lightweight cotton.

Witnesses say he was also wearing a very distinctive jacket, described as being an Italian designer item.

It was slightly longer than waist-length, had brown buttons up the front and two pockets also with buttons.

It was beige in colour, and had a belt which may or may not have had a buckle.

Meanwhile, a number of callers have contacted the police about a man seen running up Hewes Close, away from the Salary Brook Trail at 10.56am on Tuesday.

Today, house-to-house enquires were still being conducted near to Hewes Close.

Lake search

Investigators spent yesterday draining a fishing lake close to where Nahid’s body was found.

Specalist officers have been searching for any items linked with Nahid’s murder.


So far, no weapons or anything significant to the investigation have been found.

The trial’s two other lakes will also be drained and searched.