A horse which got its leg caught in a window had to be freed by firefighters.

At 7.30am today, three fire engines and the animal rescue centre were sent to Collins Farm, Aythorpe Roding, Essex, to assist in releasing a horse that got its right leg stuck in a barred window about a metre off the ground.

Specialist cutting equipment was used to free the animal by 8am.

Leading Firefighter Gary Wain, officer in charge, said: "When we got to the incident we found the horse in a brick built stable with its hoof stuck between metal window bars over a metre high.

"For some reason, it appears the animal had tried to kick at the window and when it couldn't release its hoof it laid itself down in the stable, where we found it. Once we removed the bars, the stable team and vet took over."

The horse was left in the care of its owner and a vet.