Solar panels would look “alien” on a community pavilion, according to a council advisor.

The Derek Flanner Playing Field Association has submitted plans to Braintree Council to put 36 solar panels on the south facing roof of the John Pygram Pavilion on Wethersfield Playing Field.

However, senior historic buildings advisor Robin Carpenter, who works for Essex County Council, wrote: “The rural nature of the setting would be detrimentally affected by the introduction of these alien features.

“I see no way in which the character and appearance of the conservation area would be preserved or enhanced by this proposal and I recommend refusal.”

A letter from the playing field association explains how the pavilion was built after planning permission was granted in 2009 and it has since become “a focal point in the local community”.

The building has been reliant on energy produced by a ground source heat pump to heat the building and provide hot water.

But the writer adds: “As part of our programme of continuous improvement, the association wishes to progress a stage further with the use of renewable energy in order to increase the on-site energy supply.

“This will provide much of the balance of energy needed for the building and in addition enable a surplus to be fed into the national grid.”