Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, visited a water treatment company.

Staff at Essex and Suffolk Water’s offices in Sandon Valley House, near Chelmsford, met him when he took a break from shooting scenes for his film, Edge of Tomorrow, at the site last August.

Mr Cruise met and chatted to water company workers and then posed for one photograph with some of the 250 people working in the office.

David Alborough, group property services manager for Essex & Suffolk Water, said: "We’ve been a location for a wide variety of films and music videos, recently World War Z with Brad Pitt and the rapper Example have used part of our site at Hanningfield."

A now redundant part of the treatment works was transformed for action sequences featuring Cruise.

More than 200 crew were on site at Hanningfield for two weeks.

Staff had to keep the visit quiet until now.

The film was released in the UK last month.