Six households have celebrated 60 years together on the same street

A special celebration event was organised by Irene O’Grady, a Greenfields Community Housing tenant, who wanted to bring her neighbours together to commemorate the occasion in Cliffield, Shalford.

Her neighbours are Michael Mason, 67, Myrtle Rickwood, 79, Ida Monk, 86, Peter Monk, 86, Ken Rust, 88, and Lily Butcher, also in her 80s.

The houses were built by Tanner and Wicks, about 10 years after D-Day when there was a shortage of quality housing due to the Second World War.

At the time, the managing director of Tanner and Wicks was Eric Tanner, whose son, Alex Tanner, has lived in Cliffield with his wife, Angela, for nearly as long as their neighbours.

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