Chargers for electric cars are set to be installed in Colchester and Braintree.

Essex County Council is installing four charges across the county, with one each in Braintree and Colchester, in a bid to promote sustainable travel.

The exact locations are yet to be finalised, but the chargers are set to be in use by the end of June.

At the end of last year 48 electrical vehicles, including cars, vans and motorcycles, were registered in the CO postcode.

The Office of Low Emission Vehicles awarded the council £150,000 to pay for the chargers and Siemens, who will be installing the equipment, have matched the funding.

Rodney Bass, responsible for highways, said: “This is the first network of its kind in the county.
“It will contribute to the goal of creating a nationwide network of charging points.
“I am glad that the county council is leading the way in the county to make it easier for drivers to use electric vehicles.”