A veterinary nurse is warning dog owners to get their pets vaccinated after another outbreak of a deadly virus.

Two puppies have died and one 11-month-old dog is fighting for his life after contracting the highly contagious parvovirus.

A third puppy appears to have survived.

All four had been living with their owners in Braintree, although the puppies had only recently been bought.

Veterinary nurse Caitlan Clarke, of Black Notley Veterinary Surgery, said: “We want to make people aware to get their dogs in and get them vaccinated.

“I have only really seen a couple of cases survive it.”

The three puppies had not been let out of their new homes in Braintree and it is understood that they all came from the same breeder.

The older dog had been living with one of the puppies.

The last known outbreak in Braintree was in September last year.

Surgery owner Helen Archibald said: "We're offering free of charge parvo boosters to any dog under a year old.

"We also have an ongoing amnesty for a full vaccination course for the price of a booster."

Helen advised anyone looking to buy puppies to make sure they see the puppies with the mother.