CONVICTED murderer Edward Redman has been sentenced to 17 years in prison. 

Redman, 18, of Weyland Drive, Stanway, received a mandatory life sentence.

Having already almost served a year on remand he will not be eligible to apply for parole until 2030.

Redman was found guilty of murder on April 7, after a three-month trial.

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                  Jay Whiston

His father Gary Redman, 52, of Halstead Road, Eight Ash Green, brother John Redman, 20, of High Street, Halstead, and former girlfriend Shannon Fenlon, 19, of Jameson Road, Clacton were found guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Gary and John were sentenced to two years in prison each, and Fenlon will serve nine months.

Redman has spent almost a year in custody already.

The courtroom was packed for the sentencing, with many of Jay's family and friends in attendance. 

Senior Investigating Officer, DI Anne Cameron, said: "There can be no excuse for Edward Redman’s actions back on that September night.

"The teenage communities in and around Colchester can rest easy now that Edward Redman will be behind bars for a long time.

Halstead Gazette: Chelmsford Crown Court

      Chelmsford Crown Court - where today's sentencing took place

"They feared him because he carried a knife, but he did so only because he was a coward.

"The truth is Edward Redman is merely a bully and he showed a complete disregard for Jay’s life.

"He, his father, brother and former girlfriend have now been sentenced and will have many years to reflect upon the utter distress they have caused to many people.

"This senseless, tragic murder has devastated a family and a community.

"We hope everyone understands that it is unacceptable and dangerous to carry a knife in public.

"It is unnecessary, illegal and damages lives.

"Police officers across England and Wales will continue to work with youngsters in schools and colleges, educating them about such dangers. Choose to carry a knife and face time behind bars.

"If you know people who are out on the streets carrying a knife, then contact police immediately on 999 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

"On behalf of Essex Police, I would like to again thank the many witnesses who have supported the investigation by providing accounts and testifying at court.

"Their courage to ensure the truth was told, whatever the pressure put upon them, will have placed a great deal of undue stress on them and their family and friends.

"For this we are very grateful. I am eternally grateful for their honesty and wish them well in their lives and future careers.

"We again offer our deepest condolences to Jay’s family and friends and hope today’s sentencing will offer some degree of comfort following this senseless tragedy."

See Friday's Gazette for a full report, including interviews with Jay's family.