Street lights are set to remain off across Essex as there is no evidence of increased crime, according to Essex Police.

The force has been monitoring street crime and antisocial behaviour at night to see if the darkness brought more criminals out.

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh revealed it has not.
He said: “We are closely monitoring it.

“We have been speaking to district and local policing commanders and at the moment there is no evidence of significant change.

“If there is any evidence of a rise in an area I will go to the council and I will do it publicly.

“When I have asked at specific times they have switched them back on.”

Mr Kavanagh said during the flooding and in the area around the James Attfield murder, near Castle Park, Colchester, on Saturday, March 29, he asked for some lights and the council agreed.
He said: “Whenever I have asked they have listened.

“They were put on to help community confidence following the murder and to help during the floods.

“They have listened when we have asked but there is no evidence to suggest incidents of crime have increased as a result of the lights.”