Do you have a treasure lurking in your living room? 

The hit TV show “Secret Dealers” is returning to ITV and is on the hunt for Essex people to take part.  

Secret Dealers sees three rival antique dealers doing battle in private homes for items they can sell.

The competing dealers tour the house inspecting everything of value.

From jewellery, sideboards and children’s toys, to jumbled attics, and furniture.

The owners are then faced with a bonanza of surprise valuations and cash offers on some of their most prized (or not so prized) possessions.

They can either accept or reject the offers and the owners must then face the choice between sentimental attachment and the chance to make a fast buck.

The dealers must use all their skill to sell the items and compete to make the most profit.

How to apply for Secret Dealers: Call 0117 970 7674  or email: