Children can learn about the Easter story and enjoy a fun game of themed i-Spy at the same time next Saturday.

Churches Together in Halstead have organised the Easter competition as part of their Easter celebrations in the town.

Children taking part in the i-Spy competition will have the task of searching Halstead High Street to find ten characters who were part of the Easter story and collect signitures before presenting their completed cards to the organisers at Sainsbury’s Supermarket for a prize.

Stephen James, of Churches Together in Halstead, said: “What we actually have is actors dressed up in costume as figures from the Passion Play.

“They will be situated around the High Street and the idea is the children pick up their collection card and get a signature from all 12 actors.

“It is a bit of interaction with the Passion story, and they then bring back the card and get a goodie bag including a chocolate Easter egg donated by Sainsbury’s.

“Last year we had about 75 completed collection cards from children.”

The competition will be held between 10am and 11.45am.