BRITAIN’S infamous driving ban gran has vowed to get behind the wheel again.

Caroline Turner, 79, has been banned from driving for a year after hitting a pedestrian on a zebra crossing and driving on regardless during her latest episode of motoring madness.

Great grandmother Turner achieved national notoriety after sparking a 20 mile low speed chase while driving at just 10mph along the A12 while police officers ran alongside pleading with her to stop.

After her latest court appearance she said: “I have every intention of driving the car again, so there.”

In 2011 Turner was stopped on the A12 near Marks Tey having driven from Frinton at dangerously low speeds.

The Gidea Park resident had been trying to make it the 60 miles back at walking pace.

She was initially banned for a year before the punishment was reduced to eight points on her licence.

During the hour long chase she ignored officers tapping on her window telling them “there is nothing to discuss, I am going home”.

She had already driven the wrong way around a roundabout never reaching speeds of more than 20mph on the A120.

Officers had to keep her in the cells overnight to stop her getting back behind the wheel having been forced to set up a road block across the A12 as the only way to stop her.

Then last month she knocked down a pedestrian in Hornchurch, Essex, in the same blue Ford Fiesta she has become infamous for driving.

She has been banned from driving at Romford Magistrates’ Court and ordered to pay £220 compensation, £295 in fines and a victim surcharge.