Shopkeepers fear for their businesses and people’s safety after another arson attack on a Halstead accountants.

Lit cigarettes were posted through the door of Maurice Lake & Co, in The Centre, before a plastic bag containing lit matches were put through the same letterbox the following evening.

Fortunately the fire didn’t spread and Sgt Martin Richards said the second incident had only caused burn marks to the door.

It is not the first time the business has been targeted.

In March 2011, the Gazette reported that a lit piece of paper had been put through the letterbox of the accountants, although no damage was caused.

That incident was one of a spate of suspected arson attacks that saw wheelie bins and rubbish behind The Centre set alight and a fire started outside the Red Cross shop in Weavers Court.

Businesses have voiced their concerns after the latest incidents at Maurice Lake & Co, which happened on successive nights between last Monday and Wednesday.

See the Gazette for the full story