A FORMER Colchester schoolboy has died from a lethal cocktail of alcohol while taking part in the latest internet craze.

Isaac Richardson, 20, is believed to be the first Brit to die as a result of escalating NekNomination games.

NekNomination involves a friend daring you to drink a pint in one go while filming it and then challenging another friend online.

Isaac, a former Colchester Royal Grammar School pupil from Tolleshunt Knights, decided to take part but substituted a pint of beer for a pitcher of wine, whisky, vodka and lager.

The hotel receptionist began vomiting before collapsing unconscious in a hotel room above a London pub.

He was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead yesterday.

Mum Melissa Richardson said: "We are utterly distraught and would ask to be left alone to grieve in peace."

More to follow.