A mum with multiple sclerosis had a traumatic case of déjà vu - telling how she was again left humiliated by petrol station staff who wouldn’t let her use the toilet.

Lisa Scrimshaw, 35, has progressive MS, which means she is not always able to control her bladder.

In December 2012, she was refused permission to use the staff toilet at Sainsbury’s petrol station, in Tollgate, because of staff safety policies and was left to wet herself in the middle of the store.

Sainsbury’s duly apologised and vowed to ensure it never happened again.

On Tuesday, Mrs Scrimshaw, of Mitchell Avenue, Halstead, had the same problem again when she visited the Esso petrol station in Trinity Street, Halstead.

She said: “If I saw someone crying, holding themselves, needing to go to the toilet, I wouldn’t see them as a threat."

David Hathaway, a spokesman for MRH, which owns the petrol station, said staff were following security and safety policy, but admitted it now planned to review the guidelines in light of the incident.

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