Exasperated Braintree residents have started sending in their pictures of potty parking near schools.

An angry Lancaster Way man, who sent in a snap of parking near John Bunyan Infant and Junior School, said: “Someone parked on the grass which has been churned up and there is now a deep muddy hole.

“The woman in the grey and black Mini actually got out of her car and left it there in the middle of the road.

“There are also cars parked on the pavement and double parked."


Hilary Curtis added: “Living near Rayne Primary School I'm amazed at the atrocious and selfish parking that happens as parents collect their children but Thursday, even I was gobsmacked at this ‘parked’ car.

“It was right on a junction, half on the footpath and across a dropped kerb."


*Have you witnessed unsafe/inconsiderate parking?
Send in your snap to bwtnews@nqe.com with details of where and when you took the photograph.