LONG-AWAITED improvements to a poorly-designed roundabout are still on hold – despite being ten months late.

Road markings, signs and cycle paths at the A120 Marks Farm roundabout, in Braintree, were due to be changed last spring.

But the Highways Agency said traffic flow data showed the changes would not have the desired effect.

Since then, it has been working on another road marking layout.

The agency has also said a second, much larger scheme, is needed to reduce queues at the roundabout.

But plans are yet to be published and it is not clear how they will be paid for. Work on the roundabout began in October 2011 and was funded by Tesco as part of an agreement allowing it to extend its store next to the roundabout.

But less than 12 months later, the Highways Agency said the roundabout must be changed again, due to safety concerns and traffic jams on the A131 approach, and began looking at other designs.

A spokesman said: “The Highways Agency is working closely with Tesco and Essex County Council to develop this longerterm scheme and further details will be publicised once this has been developed.

“Meanwhile, the agency is working with Tesco to develop a short-term solution to address safety concerns.

“This involves changes to road signs and road markings to improve how traffic moves through the junction. Tesco will be paying for the scheme to change road signs and markings.”

A new economic impact study showing the need to improve the whole of the A120 is also due to be published. The report, commissioned by the Haven Gateway Partnership, is expected to be used in the bid to gain Government funding for the scheme.