A Craft Fair is being held on Saturday November 2 to raise money for vital medical treatment for a mum with terminal cancer.

Mum-of-two, Lauren Dixon, 30, was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 but has since been told that cancer has spread to her liver and spine.

She received a life extending drug, Avastin, from her insurance company for a year but now that has run out, has been told she is not eligible for the drug on the NHS.

Her family is now having to fundraise for the treatment, which costs £5,000 a month.

A Crafty Essex Ladies Craft Fair will between 11 and 4pm at the Kelvedon Institute, in the High Street, with a selection of stalls selling homemade chocolate, kids clothes, cakes and biscuits, shabby chic furniture and accessories, homemade jewellery and lots more.

Entry is free but donations are strongly encouraged with monies donated towards Lauren’s Marvellous Medicine, which can be found on Facebook.

To donate email lauren’smarvellousmedicine@outlook.com