A young pilot had her birthday wish come true as she completed her first ever solo flight.
Sophie Michel, 16, took to the skies all by herself and successfully completed the flight above the Anglian Flight Centre, which is based at Earls Colne Airfield.
The aspiring commercial pilot completed the flight in a Cessna 152 on July 23 after just 31 hour of flight time while studying for her exams .
She said: “I like the freedom of going anywhere whenever you want.
“I want to travel everywhere and visit so many places.”
When she was very young she had wanted to be a pilot after watching Thunderbirds but her interest in flying was reignited at the age of 13.
She was given flight lessons for her 14th birthday and is on her way to taking the test for licence at the first possible chance when she turns 17.
Chief Flying Instructor Phil Elder said it was quite unusual to fly solo at such a young age.
He said: “I think she has done extremely well, she has got a fantastic attitude towards flying and a great dedication.
“I am very proud of what she has achieved.”
The East Bergholt School pupil, who lives in Brantham, Manningtree, will begin studying A levels in physics, maths, further maths, geography and a language at West Suffolk College in September.