Retail workers, database engineers, games artists and account executives are among those enjoying the biggest pay rises this year.

Jobs site Glassdoor said auditors, recruiters and computer staff had also received above average wage hikes in 2016.

Retail workers with at least eight years experience had had a 247 per cent pay rise to an average of £52,000, 231 per cent for database engineers to £58,600 and game artists 214 per cent to £37,000, the report said.

Diarmuid Russell, of Glassdoor, said: “When you’re thinking about a new career, it’s tempting to be drawn to the highest paying roles, but it’s even more important to understand how pay can progress in an industry during your career.

“The pay transparency provided by salary data is now available to jobseekers, so they can use this information to make informed career decisions and find a fair paying job in a company they love.”