A local businesswoman has used her own experience and skills to write a book to help other businesses realise the importance of human resources.

Paula Fisher, founder and managing director of Great Wakering-based Practical HR, has written the book “HR for SMEs – a practical guide” specifically for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as employers and entrepreneurs.

The book takes a no-nonsense and commercial approach to HR and uses the analogy of football to explain some of the key areas where HR can add value to an organisation.

Paula said: “I wanted to write a book that made the basics of HR easy to understand and provide some practical ideas to help SMEs put some of these in place.

“Very often SMEs feel very vulnerable when it comes to HR, as there are legal requirements and potential liability if they get it wrong.

“However, getting a good HR foundation in place can really help protect the business as well as give it more flexibility – and improve productivity.”

So what has HR got to do with football? The simple analogy of asking why you need a referee in a game of football can help explain why it is important for SMEs to manage any conduct issues with their employees.

Paula said: “If the referee did not blow the whistle when there was a foul, then very soon it would be a foul game. The same applies in business.”

Breaking down the mystery and jargon around HR was also important to Paula.

She added: “Unfortunately HR has developed a poor reputation and can be seen as a necessary evil, a hindrance and not a help.

“However, good HR will support the business and can help the business owner achieve their commercial objectives.”

Paula has spent more than 30 years in HR, working within blue-chip companies before forming her own company in 2002. Along the way she has gained a first class Honours Degree in Law and a Masters Degree in Law and employment relations.

Denise Rossiter, chief executive, Essex Chamber of Commerce, said: “HR for SMEs is the must-have book for all small business owners. It’s an easy to read guide that brings years of experience to decoding the mysteries of HR in a way that anyone can understand.

“If you are serious about running a business, then this should be the first book to appear on your business bookshelf.”

Paula Fisher’s book is out now priced £9.99 paperback, or £4.99 as an ebook and is available to buy from online retailers including amazon.co.uk.

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